Rando Aso

He is an artist who focuses on the firing technique of field firing, which originated in the Jomon period, as the starting point of ceramic art, and produces earthenware, ceramic panels, and sculptures. His minimally shaped pieces, such as spheres and squares, expose the texture of the clay. Interested in space and his own physical feeling, he has presented indoor and outdoor installations in a variety of locations.

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  • 2022

  • 2022

  • 2020

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  • 1983

    Born in Nara, Japan.

  • 2009

    Master’s degree, Kanazawa College of Art

  • 2010

    Completed training at Tokoname Tounomori Institute

  • Lives and works in Gify, Japan


  • 2021

    Inner Land, Minokamo City Museum, Gifu, Japan
    Modern Primitive, Utsuwanote, Saitama, Japan

  • 2020

    BOKO, Mizusai, Tokyo, Japan
    Circle, GALLERY crossing, Gifu, Japan

  • 2019

    Earth Ware, Utsuwanote, Saitama, Japan

  • 2016

    touch the earth, Galeria Punto, Hyogo, Japan


  • 2021

    Modern Japan Craft 21′, Public Record, Auckland, NewZealand
    YAKIMONO, 游牧画廊, China
    Tsuchikarahajimaru, Toushin Mino Ceramic Art Musium, Gifu, Japan

  • 2020

    Modern Japan Craft 20′, Public Record, Auckland, NewZealand

  • 2016

    MAGICAL MIRACLE CERAMIC, Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Gifu, Japan

  • 2015

    ECHIGO TSUMARI ART LIELD 2015, Nigata, Japan
    AICHI NOTES Clay, Ceramics, Landscape and Memory, AICHI PREFECTURAL CERAMIC MUSEUM, Aichi, Japan

  • 2014

    Art Program, Kakurinji, Hyogo, Japan

  • 2011

    Kisogawa biyori 2011, Yusenji, Gifu, Japan

  • 2010

    BIWAKO BIENNALLE 2010, Omihachiman, Shiga, Japan


  • Minokamo City Museum


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