Yoko Ichikawa

Yoko Ichikawa creates highly original works by researching the ancient craft technique called Shippi (lacquer leather), which involves applying lacquer to leather to harden it, and adding her own new techniques. The skin that was once a container for life and the soul as a three-dimensional object is now tanned and becomes flat leather. She cuts the leather, sews it with thread, and revives it again as a container in the form of a box by coating it with lacquer. Her perspective of cherishing and utilizing the leather’s holes, scars, and other traces of when it was still a living thing gives her work a unique air. Her activity of stitching together the past and present of lacquer craft to create a new world creates a metamorphosis of materials using lacquer, a mysterious liquid, as a medium.

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  • 2021

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  • 1985

    Born in Osaka, Japan.

  • 2011

    Kyoto City University of Arts, Master’s Program Lacquer craft Completed.

  • Now based in Kyoto, Japan.



  • 2020

    Unflamed Kogei-Seika Fair, Tokyo, Japan
    POSSIBILITY, Duo exhibition, MUTTE, Okayama

  • 2018

    Iremono, Duo exhibition, GARRELY crossing, Gifu


  • 2010

    Kyoto City University of Arts, Graduation Exhibition, Prize of Encouragement


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