Reiko Kinoshita

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2021.10.02 Sat − 10.17 Sun

Reiko Kinoshita "veil" D45.0cm Acrylic paint, Satin, Wood panel 2021

During the work of creating those images, Kinoshita consistently takes up the theme of “time” and continues to question whether she can turn the passage of time itself, which changes, into a painting. In these works, we feel her reverential gaze in carefully taking up the traces of trivial events that we overlook in our busy daily lives and the ordinary moments that do not remain in our memory and then elevating them to things of beauty. These works look like scenes that we have seen sometime or the afterimages of something. At a glance, these works also look like they are “not painted,” but they certainly are “painted” with a strong will. Multiple layers are created by tens of thousands or hundreds of millions of particles of spray paint. These layers are themselves instantaneous overlaps, which she captures as irreversible things. We, who face the works, experience the very obvious truth that something that “exists” before our eyes right now is a continuation of something that “existed” there before. Through this experience, we confirm the truth that we are standing here right now, and we feel that we can experience time itself, which continues without end.

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The truth is that they certainly existed there.
First of all, I will say that they certainly did exist.

I will gaze at latent images.
I will count time in the depth of my ears, and open my eyes.

Reiko Kinoshita

Reiko Kinoshita "duration sunshine-turn red -" 27.8×19.8 cm Acrylic paint, photographic paper 2021
Reiko Kinoshita "duration sunshine" 27.2×45.5×cm Acrylic paint, photographic paper 2021
Reiko Kinoshita "veil -edge-" 15.8×22.7cm Acrylic paint, Interfacings, Cotton, Wood panel 2021
Reiko Kinoshita "duration sunshine" 20.5×20.0×cm Acrylic paint, photographic paper 2021


Reiko Kinoshita
1982 Born in Kumamoto prefecture, Japan.
2007 Graduated from Musashino Art University, BA in Department of oil painting
2009 Graduated from Musashino Art University, MA in Department of painting, painting course.
Currently, based in Tokyo, Japan


Reiko Kinoshita
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2, Oct, 2021 sat - 17, Oct, 2021 sun
13:00 - 18:00


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