Yuko Ikeda


2020.10.10 Sat − 10.24 Sat

Yuko Ikeda "Tide", 2020, 21×20×4cm

The cyclic energy that flows through everything. Sea level rise and fall caused by the gravitational pull of the moon and the earth – like a deep breath. Her vessels has a reputation for colors and shapes reminiscent of nature, but in this exhibition, “Tide,” you will strongly feel the power and serenity of Yuko Ikeda that is in her works. Her new works, which were made for this exhibition, are as powerful as the surface of the sea, the rocky puddles, the depths of the ocean at night and the coral reefs. On the other hand, the silver painting bowls she has been working on for some time now are lighter and lighter, reminding us of the calm and the deep silence of the moon. I would like to see these vessels as ” paintings” rather than as ceramics. Regardless of whether they are practical or impractical, the overlapping of glazes and textures carry the scent of wind and sea water into the space and take the viewer on a journey of imagination. From the previous exhibition “Swell” to this exhibition “Tide” . Deeper, farther away, her new expression, which depicts a silent strength, is here.

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Yuko Ikeda "Tide", 2020, 21×20×4cm
Yuko Ikeda "Tide", 2020, 21×25×7cm
Yuko Ikeda "Tide", 2020, 29×22.5×9cm
Yuko Ikeda "Tide", 2020, 24×19×8cm
Yuko Ikeda "Tide", 2020, 20×20.5×6.5cm
Yuko Ikeda "Tide", 2020, 23.5×22.5×7cm


Yuko Ikeda
1973 Born in Osaka, Japan. Studied Graphic Design at Platt College in San DiegoCurrently living and working in Osaka prefecture.

Yuko Ikeda, a ceramic artist succeed both in and outside Japan. She spent her student days in San Diego, California with its beautiful beaches and mild climate. Her airy personality makes us feel as if we are hovering in a sea breeze. She discovered the medium of pottery by chance after returning to Japan.She taught herself pottery skills, learned from the work of predecessors and workshops,She has been working independently at her studio in the renovated garage of a house in Osaka City.


Yuko Ikeda

10, Oct, 2020 sat - 10, Oct, 2020 sat
13:00 - 18:00
Meet the artist: 10, Oct, 2020 sat


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