Yoko Yano, Akari Sato


2019.12.07 Sat − 12.16 Mon

Akari Sato a ka ri 2019, Between earring
Yoko Yano yokoyano 2019, Necklace

A fragment of imperfect beauty is completed by combining it with the human body. Yoko melts the glass with a burner work and creates an organic shape similar to a textured crochet design. The soft texture of the glass enhances the beauty of the skin, and the heat-resistant glass is extremely light. Akari creates a modern and light rhythm by combining the different materials of white porcelain and acrylic. By wearing the delicate handcrafted beauty of the two authors, your body will be a piece of contemporary beauty.

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Misa Kuromoto, GALLERY crossing

Akari Sato a ka ri 2019, Ring
Yoko Yano yokoyano 2019, Earring


Yoko Yano
She was born in Aichi Prefecture in 1981. In 2002, she graduated from the foundational department at the Tokyo International Glass Institute, and later worked as a staff member for Glass Mouse. In 2003, she was selected for the Itami International Craft Exhibition "Jewelry". She uses heat resistant glass used to make test tubes to create accessories and lampshades.

Akari Sato
She is a Japanese designer and jeweller from Hokkaido. In 2014 She established her porcelain jewellery brand. Using predominantly porcelain clay blended with regular clay, Akari rolls and curves each piece into the desired shape, she then fires and grinds them down to polish for finishing.


Yoko Yano, Akari Sato

7, Dec,2019 sat- 16, Dec,2019 mon
12:00 - 18:00(Last day close on 17:00)
Meet the artist :7, Dec sat


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