Reiko Kinoshita

KEI -distant-

2019.10.05 Sat − 10.19 Sat

Reiko Kinoshita 2019, 20×20cm

In Reiko Kinoshita’s atelier, there is a large window where the plum blossoms underneath the eyes and the ever-changing sky color spread like a screen. She puts the paper on the window and “makes” it with sunlight, but in the side, it will look like a piece of tanned paper scattered randomly. Kinoshita’s work is an act of trying to express the continuation of time, using photographic paper exposed to sunlight, paper tanning, folds and folds, and fog-like paint diffused from airbrushes as media. When I announced my work in 2017, “Is it possible to make a picture of the passage of time, not a picture or video? ”As she notes, works using photographic paper are drawn and controlled by her hand, but there is a“ possibility to be further added ”by the light of the sun. It will continue after reaching the handIt is established with. (Although there is no real change, photographic paper continues to be sensitized.) Also, works using tanning are like a round-trip letter exchanged between the artist’s work that repeats daily and the phenomenon of sunlight. Existence. These works are produced in the context of art, but at the same time, they are attractive because they are both crafted and familiar. This may be because there are acts of people who feel the “life” such as creases and folds as the material of the work, and the artist’s actions feel a longing for “aging”. The title of the exhibition “Samurai” means longing and thinking. Reiko Kinoshita’s work takes you to a journey of imagination somewhere that is not here-by noting and showing the trivial being overlooked in your life.

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Misa Kuromoto, GALLERY crossing

Reiko Kinoshita 2019, 16.5×12cm
Reiko Kinoshita 2014, echo 10.5×14.8cm
Reiko Kinoshita 2013, 45.5×43.5cm


Reiko Kinoshita 
1982 Born in Kumamoto prefecture, Japan. Currently lives and works in Tokyo. 2004 MA. Department of painting, painting course, Musashino Art University.

[Solo Exhibitions]
2019 "KEI -distant-" Gallery crossing, Gifu
2018 "There was evening and there was morning" LOOP HOLE, Tokyo 2017 “Day behavior” HAGISO, Tokyo
“gentle device” switch point, Tokyo
2016 “Sunshine duration” komagome1-14ca, Tokyo
2015 “A spot in the sun” Kiyosu City Haruhi Art Museum, Tokyo, Aichi
2014 “Follow the fold : Artist Residence ProjectVol.11” HOTEL&RESIDENCE ROPPONGI, Tokyo
“Fish under the float” Gallery Barco, , Tokyo 2012 “Whispered in the noise“ LOOP HOLE, Tokyo
“Why is there something rather than nothing? ” Shinjuku Ophthalmologist Gallery, Tokyo 2010 “−Ambiguous outline −“ Shinjuku Ophthalmologist Gallery, Tokyo
2006 “Tokyo scenery“ hair salon-kief, Tokyo
2005 “− For the boat to float −“ loft gallery, Tokyo
“String Figure −AYATORI−“ KURA Gallery , Tokyo

[Public Collection]
Kiyosu City Haruhi Arti Museum, Aichi(JAPAN)

2013 The 7th Kiyosu Haruhi Painting Triennale Award of Excellence 2012 The 22nd Holbein Scholarship


Reiko Kinoshita
KEI -distant-

5, Oct 2019 sat - 19, Oct sat
12:00 - 19:00(Last day17:00)
Artist visit day:5, Oct