Minami Samejima

Sprouts of rice

2019.06.15 Sat − 06.23 Sun

Minami Samejima 2019, case

We will hold an exhibition of Minami Samejima ceramic works.The theme of created these works is “Sprouts of rice”. She is a ceramist based in Tajimicity-Gifu. She doesn’t apply any glaze to her work, instead, she uses the process of carbonized firing. During this process she sinks her objects in the ash of rice husks, this creates a natural dark charcoal tone along with a glaze to seal each piece. These rice husks collected from her parent’s rice farm. She helped with farming and eat these rice everyday, and she use there rice husks for works. It’s her ideal of life and sustainable life cycle of Minami’s production reflects her philosophy of creations. It’s the season of rice planting in Japan.

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Minami Samejima
Born in Nagano Prefecture. In 2017, she completed her studies at the Tajimi City Pottery Design And Technical Center.


Minami Samejima
Sprouts of rice

15, Jun 2019 sat - 23, Jun sun
12:00 - 19:00(Last day17:00)
Artist visit day:15, 22, 23 Jul