2019.05.18 Sat − 05.26 Sun

Sari 2019, Solid perfume (case: yokoyano)

“KAHORI” from perfumer Sari, has the strength to arouse your basest instincts indescribable it with words as simple as a “pleasant”. A strength that will touch the depths of your heart, a power to awaken your memories, a complexity alike the greatest melodies. At this exhibition we endeavour to show a perfume suited for the whole world, while using themes from Chinese philosophy such as the Five Elements. We will display our new perfume “HOSHIHAKO”, made by combining five layers of scent representing wood, fire, eath, metal and water. She will be wearing a perfume harvested from our own plants, distilled and tested by ourselves. We want you to experience a uniquely complicated form of beauty with our perfume.

Misa Kuromoto, GALLERY crossing


Sari. Perfumer
2010 IFA International Federation of Aromatherapy - Diploma. 2011 fragrance competition in Japan - Gold Award ( Minister of the Environment Award ). 2012 Kahoritotomoni - start own collections. 2015 it was selected as the image perfume for scape in Milano expo. 2016.2017.2018 Perfume atelier in France.

2018 Ko and Tea ceremony in China.
2019 solo exhibition in GALLERY crossing.
2018 group exhibition by GALLERY crossing in Auckland of NZ.

An artist that expresses the sensations felt from places, people, sounds, art, and seasons through scents using essences that are personally extracted from various plants. Because each scent is made like a piece of music, the works are presented with an aromatic score. She also hosts many studios, workshops, and lectures in Japan and abroad.



18, May 2019 sat - 26, May sun
12:00 - 19:00(Last day17:00)
Artist visit day:18, 19 May