Akiko Hayashi (qualia-glassworks)


2019.02.09 Sat − 02.24 Sun

Akiko Hayashi(qualia-glassworks) 2019, Stand Light_Large

We will hold an exhibition of Akiko Hayashi (qualia-glassworks) glass works. These peaceful looking glass items were made with the glass-blowing method. These beautiful fixtures born from reliable skills fostered through practice and a delicate aesthetic will harmonize with your living space and bring a beautiful feeling of translucency to your life. Now you can encounter smokey colors made with “FOG” as its theme. Those are subdued colors used in Japanese colored glass.

Misa Kuromoto, GALLERY crossing

Akiko Hayashi(qualia-glassworks) 2019
Akiko Hayashi(qualia-glassworks) 2019, Plate_smork
Akiko Hayashi(qualia-glassworks) 2019, Stand Light_Small


Akiko Hayashi (qualia-glassworks)
She worked in Asahi Glass and fresco tudio in Osaka, She will hold and produce a studio in Minokamo, Gifu Prefecture, in 2010.


Akiko Hayashi (qualia-glassworks)

9, Feb 2019 sat - 24, Feb sun
12:00 - 18:00(Last day17:00)
Artist visit day:9, Feb