Kazumi Kawai


2018.11.10 Sat − 11.18 Sun

Kazumi Kawai 2018,VEINS Vessel

Kazumi is a potter living in a small japanese old house rich in nature at Okayama,Japan. The red color on the vessel is made from the soil from her garden. Both the beautiful scenery of her garden and her coexistence with nature in her life are expressed in these vessels. Looking forward to the exhibition, she stated that she wants to “express the peaceful yet powerful energy that ceaselessly flows through the world, filling us all.” The gallery will exhibit beautiful teapots and vases created by her.

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Kazumi Kawai
1984 Born in Aichi,Japan.Studied Pottery at Seto city. Living and working in Okayama prefecture.


Kazumi Kawai

10, Nov 2018 sat - 18, Nov Sun
12:00 - 18:00(Last day17:00)
Meet the artist :10, Nov sat