Takeyoshi Mitsui


2021.03.20 Sat ー 04.04 Sun

Takeyoshi Mitsui, 2021 "Bottle People"

The glass artist Takeyoshi Mitsui uses advanced technical skills and youthful contemporary creativity to make exquisite glassworks. “Bottle People”series gives off an air of contemplative serenity and humor. The transparent glass allows light to pass through and the insides reflect the surroundings. It is as if it generates a whisper that can only be heard between the observer and the art-works. His works are one-of-a-kind and have a personality of their own. The exhibition portrays a unique perspective born out of the communication between the artist and the raw material.

His art philosophy can be seen from his other work, which is also his masterpiece, the “SILENCE” series. This series are functional tableware. These glasswares, which have unique color combinations and look like small sculptures, were mouth-blown and shaped without using molds. Detailed carving on glass is a very advanced technique in glassmaking. As they are all handmade, none of them are of the exact same color and size, making them unique and unlike mass-produced wares. When lined up, they look as mesmerizing as scenic views in nature.

His artwork blurs the boundaries of aesthetics and utility. These 2 series portraying glass in different ways show the general perspective of modern Japanese artists. Please come by to enjoy the light melody of spring together with the hushed whisper of the glass-art.

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Takeyoshi Mitsui, "SILENCE"
Takeyoshi Mitsui, 2021 "Bottle People"
Takeyoshi Mitsui, 2021 "Bottle People"
Takeyoshi Mitsui, 2021 "Bottle People"


Takeyoshi Mitsui
1987 Born in Hiroshima.
2012 Graduated from the Graduate School of Arts Research & Crafts at Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts.
2012–2016 Worked at Toyama Glass Workshop.
2016: Stayed and worked at Canberra Glassworks (Australia)

56th Japan Crafts Exhibition; U35 Award (2017)
4th Contemporary Glass Exhibition in Sanyo-Onoda; Mayor's Award (2009)


Takeyoshi Mitsui

20, Mar, 2021 sat - 4, Apr, 2021 sun
13:00 - 18:00
Meet the artist: 20, Mar, 2021 sat

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