Midori Uchida


2021.12.11 Sat ー 12.26 Sun


Midori Uchida Born in Kobe in 1983. Graduated from the Pottery Course at Osaka University of Arts' Department of Crafts in 2005. Completed her studies at Tajimi City Pottery Design and Technical Center in 2007. The vessels she creates are fascinating, with mystical coincidental coloration from firing in the kiln. The curves of each vessel are meticulously formed through hand building, without using an electric wheel. The unglazed yakishime ware is beautifully burnished, giving her works a delicate earthen touch that feels as soft as a woman's skin.


Midori Uchida Landscape

11, Dec, 2021 sat - 26, Dec, 2021 sun 13:00 - 18:00 Close: tuesday Meet the artisr: 11, Dec, 2021 sat